Win 10 1909.418 18363.418 always tells me "your appliance is not uptodate"


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I just installed an NTLited Win 10 1909 18363.418 including Cortana to come around the bug with the search field in the explorer. After offline-installation I connected to the internet and let Windows download and install the latest driver-, Defender-, and Windows-updates (KB4522742) because the update-page in the settings told me "your appliance ist not uptodate" and (in red) "your appliance is missing important security and quality updates".
Thereafter these messages still appeared and therefore I rebooted the PC. Looking thereafter onto the update-page theses messages still appeared. So I let Windows search again for updates without any result, but the messages still appear there telling me that "important" updates are needed although it doesn't find any ...

Can this be a result of NTLite or does someone have the same problem with a non-NTLIted Windows?

Any hints are welcome and I thank you in advance for them.