Win 20h2 .net48 gets damaged over time?!


Hi Guys,

since some Windows and NTlite Versions I get the problem of (it seems so) a damaged net 4.8 installation.
The MS Repairtool and sfc /scannow won't help.
I don't know whats the cause of this. Everything works and than: boom.
Maybe this time it was KB5000911 and KB4601382.

Do someone have an idea :( ?

Greetings FLCL


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Or maybe its Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /resetbase

If I have time I will have another test this WE...


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OK, let me ask before trying to know exactly what does damaged means.
Is the error when:
- enabling .NET 4.8 from Features inside installed Windows
- or update .NET 4.8 with CU, while .NET 4.8 was already enabled
- or you meant some .NET application cannot run?

In last case it is probably made for .NET 3.5 and you enabled the OnlyUseLatestCLR option, which sometimes breaks things.
So if it's that, please load C:\Windows and disable that option, reboot just in case and try then.
If it still doesn't work, try injecting .NET 3.5 CAB (from full image .\Sources\SxS\) into C:\Windows - Updates page.



Hi Nuhi,

thx for your repsonse :).

I have to admit I always use the OnlyUseLatestCLR i the offline Image. What do you exactly mean with "breaks things"?

But if I switch it back at the current installation it won't help. Programs just don't start or I get the error that Windows Powershell 3 isn't available.
I installed net 3.5 from sources but nothing have changed.

The problem on my side ist, I don't use .net Programs sometimes for a longer time. So it's difficult to distinguish but I think the current problem occured because of dism cleaning.

But you're right, next time I will integrate 4.8 and 3.5 directly.