Windows 10 - help with image


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Hello Guys.
I must to do Windows 10 image with pre-installed software, i need:
M$ Office 2016
  • 7zip
  • Google Chrome
  • Eset Internet Security
  • Adobe reader
  • TeamViewer
  • SeaFile
I need to have my own wallpaper, and pre-created admin user.
Please help give some tips or instructions


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So far I've found you need to mark 'OEM Setup Complete' in Unattended to have SetupComplete to Run in Windows 10, though I have no idea why.

As for how to preinstall those, I have the switches for silent installation of a few softwares in my setupcomplete, Here are those:

%WINDIR%\Setup\Programs\7Zip.exe /S

msiexec.exe /i %WINDIR%\Setup\Programs\Chrome.msi /passive /norestart

Adobe reader used to respond to these switches, but I haven't used it in years (ever since Chrome started reading PDF files):

msiexec /i %WINDIR%\Setup\Programs\Reader.msi /sPB /rs /msiEULA_ACCEPT=yes

The others I have no idea, unfortunately