Windows Defender settings bug in w11


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xbacox2010, image or deployed (c:\Windows)?
If image, preset please.
If deployed, then as Clanger said, to add just in case, see Apply page warning, disable Tamper protection, reboot, then do the disabling.
Windows requires reboot after Tamper disabling, and it doesn't state so.


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It could be a bug or Tamper Protection, maybe ms has slipped a new protection for Defender as they are ramming it down our throats, like they did with One Drive and are now doing with Edge.


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No, the point is 0 and 4 both disable Tamper Protection but 4 touches two settings.

When you use control panel, the "master" switch can turn off multiple settings. NTLite needs to be specific as possible, since some user might want Cloud-delivered Protection but not Tamper Protection.