custom iso

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    My gaming preset

    Tell me if i missed anything
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    Physical keyboard not working after custom ISO install

    I made a custom ISO (Windows 11 22H2) for testing purposes a few months ago and succeeded with a slimmed down image that ran well. Recently I wanted to incorporate the recent cumulative updates as well as tweak a few more settings via registry to create an updated ISO (Windows 11 23H2). The...
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    Where can I get more XML Preset?

    I've already gotten one from the "optimized guide" in here but while reading i saw that someone said u can apply more xml to trim down windows even more. which is what i'm looking forward to do.
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    Windows Overhaul Help with Adding Custom Apps or Replacing Window Features

    Hello I have recently been messing around trying to make my laptop reliable with very little to no telemetry on my pc and removal of heavy windows processes. I'm going to remove features that I do not need like all of the stock windows apps and reinstall them myself later on and I thought I...