1. M

    Windows 10 UI Language

    Good afternoon, everyone, I'm trying to automate the Windows 10 installation with NTLite. Unfortunately the Win10 installation is always in english. Under Windows localization I can set the UI language but here is only english available. What do I have to do to add the German language here...
  2. Xiphan

    Windows 10 Setup - My Language is Dialog

    I've created a Windows 10 ISO with the en-GB language pack and I was just wondering if there is a way to avoid this dialog during Windows 10 setup and have it automatically default to a specific language as well as Time and currency format?
  3. thamermousa

    هل لديك مشاكل مع الترجمة , Do you have problems with translation

    مرحبا نهوي Hello @nuhi هل لديك مشاكل مع الترجمة، في عمل البرنامج، لأن الترجمة هي مزدوجة >>> خلال تطوير البرنامج ؟ Do you have problems with translation , In the work of the program , Because the translation is double >>> during the development of the program? Thank you شكرا لك As the picture...