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    Cannot install .NET without Windows Update

    Hello. So I trimmed down the latest windows 10 iso, removing the bloat while maintaining as much compatibility as possible. I did also remove all of Windows Update that was possible outside of live mode. I'm happy with the results of my tweaking and all is working perfectly.. Except one thing...
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    [Possible?] Remove .NET Frameworks -> install .NET 4.7.2 (Post-Setup) -> Retain PowerShell

    nuhi I'm wondering if it's possible to remove .NET Frameworks from Windows 7 but still retain PowerShell if I plan to install .NET Framework 4.7.2 during the post-setup process and force the OS to use latest CLI? Ultimately, what would be really nice is to retain PowerShell without all of the...
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    Post-Setup .NET order? (Win 7, NTLite)

    I want to slipstream the following KB/setup packages. One image I made spent around 20 mins at post setup...the other one over 8 hours (left work, then was done the next day) 1. What order is optimal? 2. Where does the "Placeholder row for potentially deferred updates" fit best? 3. Can you add...