[Possible?] Remove .NET Frameworks -> install .NET 4.7.2 (Post-Setup) -> Retain PowerShell

nuhi I'm wondering if it's possible to remove .NET Frameworks from Windows 7 but still retain PowerShell if I plan to install .NET Framework 4.7.2 during the post-setup process and force the OS to use latest CLI?

Ultimately, what would be really nice is to retain PowerShell without all of the bloat of the older versions of .NET


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Somethings wont run if a specific .net version isnt installed, somethings wont install either and will try to download the missing .net. Nearly everything needs a poxy .net nowadays, its just got out of hand.

I dont know if what you want to do is possible in the way you want but you could capture a wim with 472 installed then Lite out the older .nets from it. Capture only takes 10 minutes from an ssd and you have all your updates fully installed(not "pending") and your chosen net fully baked in too.