A question about performance



I got a little question.
Performance-wise, what does NTLite favor? more speed, more cores, more cache?
For example, I have two CPUs that I can put in the PC I use to do the integration:

1. AMD Athlon II X2 270, Dual core, 3.4 Ghz, 2MB L2, No L3.
2. AMD Phenom II X4 945, Quad Core, 3.0 Ghz, 2MB L2, 6MB L3.

Which one would give me better performance on Ntlite?


Yes, but I'm talking specifically about NTLite, will NTLite perform faster?
Maybe it only makes use of one core, so Raw clock speed is better...


yes, both work fine. I was wondering what would ntlite benefit more from. higher clock speeds or more cores with more cache, but lower speeds.


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Test your CPUs, or see results online like here, and the one that wins any single-threaded test is the one to go with.
I test with Cinebench R20 render (it has multi and single core test), but it can be anything, including NTLite processing of the same situation on both.
That said, 2 cores does sound too little, as OS might be doing something in the background slowing it down regardless how fast a single core is.


are you telling me that NTLite doesn't use more than 1 core?
In that case the dual core cpu running at 3.4ghz should be better suited than the quad core running at 3.0ghz...


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oh cmon jvidal, i told you this morning more cores were better, i gave you the link to the thread about build times where i explained that ntlite uses all availible cores and dism only uses 1 core and that ntlite must use dism for some operations. ive actually seen the proof because i have had task manager open when i do builds. i dont lie for the sake of it. im done with this thread.


but nuhi JUST SAID that whichever scores best in single-threaded tests is the one I should go with.
and I quote"...and the one that wins any single-threaded test is the one to go with."

I KNOW that more cores is better, that's obvious. I'm asking SPECIFICALLY about Which is best for NTLite.