About License Conversion


Is it possible to create a license conversion function?
It is to convert the high version number of server to windows
I've seen some very shallow and incomplete tutorials on MDL forums
I hope NTlite will look into this area
The server system is inherently compact, making it easier to DIY
But there will be some driver limitations and Bluetooth service problems
If this feature is developed it should be more popular (maybe)
Even as an NTlite Enterprise Edition exclusive feature I would love to buy
I believe the question is porting Windows features from Home/Pro to Enterprise, by copying packages around. This won't be a NTLite feature, because it violates the EULA, you're not allowed to modify Windows to add features that edition is missing. There's business reasons why each edition is sold as a separate product. It's not like a Lego kit where you swap bricks.

That will have to stay over in MDL forums.

Enterprise isn't really all more compact. You're trading a set of enterprise features (which no home user requires), for a different set of consumer features (which no enterprise requires). Stripping Home/Pro takes more effort, but it's a supportable image.