Bigger iso size with new version


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I have a preset used to configure Windows Server 2016 installation; I managed to reduce the iso image to a size of about 3.7 Gb with NTLite version

Now I have updated to latest stable version ( in order to use command line facilities, but using the same preset and environment the final iso size is about 4.6 Gb.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance,


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maybe the original one was esd and now u are using wim

or you have both wim and esd file inside your sources folder

or you integrated updates and its in wim format


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Hi ege914,

first of all thanks for your answer, but the initial configuration (Windows image, updates, drivers, etc) is the same in both cases.

In addition I tried the solution described here, the final iso is smaller but 500 Mb bigger than the one generated with version



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Hi Angela,

as you have discovered that previous topic, the difference is if Servicing Stack or Windows Update is kept, NTLite will switch to package protection mode, which saves many more files in WinSxS.

Newer version should remove more unless the old one had a bug and removed what shouldn't.

Make sure also that some compatibility is not blocking a certain component from removal.
For example after loading the old preset in the new version, save a preset and compare those two XML files in ntllite\presets (right-click on the preset in a list and choose Open file location).
Comparing their two [RemoveComponents] XML elements will reveal the difference.

Then you can see which components weren't loaded to the new version, uncheck them manually.
Also see which new components are there, maybe the old one was split/renamed etc.
Save the new preset then.

If you cannot find that 500MB, upload your preset (minus private data if any in it).