Black Friday discount on Home and Home Renewal licenses

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"Black Friday" opportunity, for providing us; we thank you.

The "Home Renewal licenses" discount has helped us a lot.
The "Exchange Rate" rose a lot. "Dollar & Euro" became very valuable compared to other currencies.

Producer of the "Ntlite" program; Thank you very much "Dino Nuhagic, CEO of Nlitesoft".

We've been using their program since it first came out. "nLite for XP" to NTlite.

Kind regards...

Note: Translated with "Google Translate" There may be errors! Language structures are very different. My foreign language knowledge is bad.


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Yes these discounts help a lot. If they didn't exist I would probably never buy NTLite. My currency is very undervalued against the dollar and the euro.


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I've missed it :( :( .... Any possibilities to get a second chance on Cyber Monday for Home license nuhi ? Pretty please? :)
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