Block Creation of Recovery Partition

Is there a setting to stop the recovery partition from being created during install of Win 10?
Yes, if you can afford to wipe a disk on booting the setup, or are willing to test the auto-partitioning in the virtual machine.

In the Unattended - Configure Disk - "Disk Template", set the Recovery partition to 0, if wiping, or configure/format a specific partition with available space with the "Individual partition" config.

For the 1909+ Reserved Storage, disable it in Settings, before install/on an image.

Let me know if you have specific scenarios or questions.
Dumb question etc time. Recovery Partition gets created when you install as UEFI. NVME drives can only use UEFI(so i have heard) so this is beneficial for them?
Thanks nuhi. I wasn't able to reach the disk config until I deleted my old disk config from my sets.

I was able to kill the recovery partition and as an added bonus, the MSR parition as well :)
You don't have to but you can automate, Windows setup deletes partitions and create the new ones set in the auotunattend.xml.

With these settings filled you wont be asked to set/select partitions, this is the only step I don't automate.
You could just ntfs format the drive (delete or manage partitions first) on another computer before installing, - the files will be copied to the Systemdrive instead...
answer file and post i take it. sweet :) not fussed about a 100mb efi partition though, just that damn recovery i wouldnt use anyway.
thank you :)
You can avoid creating system reserved partition. But it's not easy.. Also it works only if you create new partition using setup wizard - this mean, if you leave HDD unpartitioned, system reserved partition will be still there.

Original method can be found here, needed patches here, and reopened here for Windows 7.

Inside boot.wim image 2 (Windows setup) locate winsetup.dll. This file have responsible code inside. We are looking to function Callback_Createpartition that needs to be patched.

This is tested for Windows 10 20H2 (10.0.19041.630). Open file winsetup.dll in HEX Editor, locate offset 10E3CA and change 0F 84 to 90 E9. Thanks abbodi86 for transplanting Windows 7 winsetup.dll patch to Windows 10.

In different file version it should be located on different places. I have no idea how to patch it dynamically as it's not mu cup of tea. Maybe nuhi can do it as nLite have some patches, like uxtheme.dll
can anyone confirm this is windows 11 vanilla 22000.282 default


no recovery created
only 100mb boot partition
and can that be reduced?
i would leave it at 100mb, you never know if you will want to set up a dual or triple boot later on and end up in crap creek because you set it too small. if you know you'll never dual/triple boot then go for it my boy hahaha. i personally prefer to install in isolation on different drives and use the bios boot menu.