Bluetooth - couldn't connect


Trying to find out which component removal has caused this, but I haven't got many areas left to check... just Windows Apps.



Finally on the right track...

Something under Windows Apps introduces the networking screen under OOBE (despite WiFi being available without it) and also enables Bluetooth. I'm guessing it will take me 2-3 more days of testing to find out.


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Thanks gilius, appreciate the feedback.
Will review if that can be avoided or it's a hard dependency which should be linked to Bluetooth and description expanded.
Since Bluetooth is sort of a network, it's possible as that component is a broker/connection from apps to the functionality.


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nuhi, gilius - Network Connection Broker - Does not affect Bluetooth in any way. Even if you leave this component, the Bluetooth network still does not work. We need to look for another reason...

P.s I checked and it really affects Bluetooth! But the problem is that, Laptop can connect to the Phone, but the Phone cannot connect to the Laptop.

The conjugation window (PIN) does not appear... Probably Action Center also necessary - Need to check.
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Drivers > Bluetooth
Windows Apps > Network Connection Broker
System > Windows Push Notification Service (WINS)
Hardware support > Devices Row > Device Association Service > Bluetooth

But there's also something else needed to officially complete the Bluetooth connection - though devices will still connect even though Windows doesn't fully register them as connected.


Infrared is already ticked. If I find out what else is needed I will post here - but for now it's low priority because it's just for acknowledging Bluetooth devices that are already connected and working.


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Are you integrating drivers or using an installer?

I have to use an installer because a service is needed and this isn't integrated in 7 or 10.


I'm installing live drivers like this - but it's probably something I've stripped out of the wim with ntlite that's responsible for Bluetooth not quite completing - but it's a minor still:

diskpart /s C:\Users\gilius.TRAINING\Desktop\ntlite\i.txt
dism /apply-image /imagefile:C:\Users\gilius.TRAINING\Desktop\ntlite\install.wim /index:1 /applydir:R:
bcdboot R:\Windows /s Q: /f UEFI
bcdedit /store q:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bcd /set {default} testsigning on
bcdedit /store q:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bcd /set {default} nointegritychecks on
dism /Image:r:\ /add-driver /Driver:c:\drivers\Support-Desktop-Drivers-1912 /recurse
dism /Image:r:\ /add-driver /Driver:c:\drivers\MSM8994-8992-NT-ARM64-Drivers-1912\msm8992-8994 /recurse
dism /Image:r:\ /add-driver /Driver:c:\drivers\MSM8994-8992-NT-ARM64-Drivers-1912\msm8994 /recurse
dism /Image:r:\ /add-driver /Driver:c:\drivers\MSM8994-8992-NT-ARM64-Drivers-1912\support-aarch64 /recurse
dism /Image:r:\ /add-driver /Driver:c:\drivers\MSM8994-8992-NT-ARM64-Drivers-1912\configurations\soc-final /recurse
dism /Image:r:\ /add-driver /Driver:c:\drivers\Specifics-MMO-Drivers-1912 /recurse
dism /Image:r:\ /add-driver /Driver:c:\drivers\Specifics-Cityman-1912 /recurse
mountvol r: /d
mountvol q: /d


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You can try the installer, I own a Bt audio device that connects but it does nothing due to the missing service. Integration or setting up from device manager gives the same results.