Broken Win 8.1


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I tried to make a lite windows 8.1 home version but that didnt happened. I took official iso and tried to remove unnecessary things. Setup completed succesfully but couldnt boot the system. Is that because i removed all drivers or something else idk.



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The best way to build up to a preset for beginners is to build it in stages because you will soon find that which breaks something. I rarely use a VM and prefer direct to hardware installs so i have enough hdd/ssd disc space to create a test install partition or use a spare pc(easy said than done) if you have one laying around.

Even the most experienced liters will do a lot of test builds before they can finalise a preset, it takes time but it helps you learn.

Load the OS you want to lite, dont bother adding updates at this point, do that later on once you have your removals sorted. I have an 8.1 preset availible, see download link in my signature. It is a preset for beginners so it wont give you any problems, see below.

Drag my preset to the right hand presets pane and double click to load it. It is for en-gb location language and keyboard, keep any that you will need, fonts too. Go to the Apply page, click Process button top left hand corner of tool bar. Rename the saved preset/session file to v1, test install that build. If that build installs and boots to desktop sucessfully then sign off v1 then go back and repeat process, load a fresh version of your orioginal iso, load v1 then select any Multimedia components, save changes install, save preset as v2. Then repeat for Networking - save and install etc then do the same for Remoting and Privacy, System and lastly windows apps, advance the preset version number on each run.

If you have a problem on a run then you will know what component section caused it then you will be able to pinpoint which component caused it.

Liting this way does take time but it pays off.