(BUG) NTLite Needs to Update DisplayVersion Field


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I noticed that when NTLite auto-updates, the DisplayVersion field stays the same in Windows' Apps & features.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but once an update is auto-installed, it still appears to do the same.
Went to fix this, but cannot find anything wrong technically - still the Settings App can show a wrong version number.
Until the OS is rebooted, then it refreshes, so it's some kind of Windows caching issue as far as I see.

Meaning install something like a Stable version, then change from Menu - Check update to Beta which should increase the Settings - Apps installed number.
But it does not increase it until Windows is rebooted.

Let me know if you see the same, if so, then let's leave it as is, resetting the Settings apps from the installer is not worth it for that small cosmetic issue, that Microsoft might eventually fix.
Hmm, it's still the same, even after a reboot.

From what I gathered, it looks like the registry value DisplayVersion is not being modified under the following registry key:

And I only brought this up because I got tired of WinGet saying there is an update for NTLite.

Can you please switch to Stable - Install - then back to Beta (if that's your goal), install that and reboot.
Still the same?
Maybe there is some combo stable/beta that might have a conflict - maybe it shows one of them on add-remove, while both are having separate values - just a guess, not checking it at this moment.