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I uninstall other applications except the calculator with the ntlite application and prepare the ISO. After installation, there is a calculator in the admin session, but the calculator does not appear in the users I create later. why might this happen?
Interesting, attach a preset demonstrating that and I'll test it.
My guess is just the user shortcut is not created, which is weird. You should still be able to start calculator from C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe
My reading of the recommendations is:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Just to add and very interesting - i only change UAC with NTL and don't observe any problem with Calculator or SnippingTool (now as UWP) when create a Local Account from default Admin user.
Done this since W10 and to W11 22631.2715 without any reg altred change.
Maybe this can have some security problems - but better i/ user have control instead of MS act like consent manager constantly for the use of my hardware!
For comparison in NTL settings from OPs vs. mine - thank you:
But you're not running as a non-Admin user on your desktop? That's the whole point here. Two sets of rights.
Now you confuse me - or is there something special about this in difference of private vs. Entreprise use?
Non-admin as i know is default when create a Local Account on a private PC/ laptop from the installed Admin account - or i'm i wrong?
Read the first post. OP is Administrator, the other users are non-Admin users.

When you break UAC, the non-Admin users have no proper way to run UWP apps, as per the security model defined by UWP architecture. This is the same type of problem like when drag & drop to the taskbar stops working because you disabled UAC. While running UAC entirely enabled or disabled is easy, running a mixed security model for different user rights is harder to get correct.
Here are my results from testing this reg file:

My account belongs to Administrators, but I don't need any UAC prompts to run regedit or change Security Center settings.
A non-Admin user I created can run all UWP apps, including Calculator.

While you can manage first 4 reg keys using NTLite, it's probably better to use a single reg file, so you don't forget one of the changes.
First of all, I wish you a good day. I prepared a Windows installation with the preset file and uac reg file I sent in the attachment. However, the calculator and none of the OEM applications open. I couldn't understand where I made a mistake. I would be happy if you help.


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I tried your last preset, but cleared all the UAC Settings and moved UAC.reg to Post-Setup, so it doesn't impact OOBE.

This image does allow a newly created non-admin user to run Calculator, and users don't get UAC prompts.