Can we get a setting for pausing updates and then setting the date for resuming


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Ive been able to set resume updates to 2032, and it sticks in the iso but only in windows 10, when you change the date and time back to 2022 in windows 11 it resets the date and takes away pause updates, but with windows 10 it persists and even lets important updates thru without resetting the date of resuming that ive set at dec 31st 2032, this would be a nice setting in ntlite, the ability to pause updates without doing anything else and before installing windows seems great


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to clarify, is the question can it be hacked to allow more than it allows from its UI in Win11, or the question is can it be done to stick on an image, it gets reset and needs to be manually set again after install?

both great questions for sure, im also wondering about a firewall section, one where we can set rules and such, cause ive used some to block microsoft telemetry and havent looked at how to add them to an iso yet it would be nice to have quick section to edit and or import a policy to an iso


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So you and Doc Brown drive the DeLorean to 2032, and set WU to resume 35 days later. Then jump back to the present?
Don't whiplash the system date, it can cause other glitches.
You can also pause a system from receiving quality updates for a period of up to 35 days from when the value is set. After 35 days have passed, the pause setting will automatically expire and the device will scan Windows Update for applicable quality updates. Following this scan, you can then pause quality updates for the device again.

Starting with Windows 10, version 1703, when you configure a pause by using policy, you must set a start date for the pause to begin. The pause period is calculated by adding 35 days to this start date.

In cases where the pause policy is first applied after the configured start date has passed, you can extend the pause period up to a total of 35 days by configuring a later start date.


Scheduled task every 35 days to advance StartTime forward. Not supported in W11 Home.
yeah thats what i did kinda, but i didnt set the time backwards, i did it in audit mode and then created a generalized iso and it set the time when i installed it and i noticed that it kept the 2032 date, but for sure i didnt know that thanks for the info
Tommy, I'm confused. What's your reason for extended pausing? How is that different from disabling auto-updates?
I was just experimenting like always, I was creating a windows 10 iso with windows 11 icons, and I needed to pause updates cause i want the iso as unchanged as possible and i had to connect the internet so i could install net framework 3.5 and I didnt want it updating, and I happen to forget it was paused and just noticed that it stuck, idk how it is different from disabling updates as I know nothing about computers except what Ive learned my self and that aint ever involved updates and all the settings for them, to me it seemed like a good idea
Hey Txmmy (and others following the thread), I came upon this post while I was doing the same tweak on my system, trying to figure it out. You didn't post the reg keys you used, so I can't know for sure, but I think I may have the missing piece of the puzzle you're looking for.

Since this is something that a lot of people might be interested in, I made a new guide thread for better visibility over here:
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