Cannot do a true unattended install without the pro version?


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The Windows System Image Manager is just *not* playing nicely on my computer and I needed to do a quick freelance job for 50 US, so after racking my brains and trying to this for an hour or two I remembered nlite exists. Now I could have gone MDT but it's a real quick freelance job that wasn't paying much but now I've accepted it my reputation is on the line.

nlite was nice, easy and free and we could pretty much do anything and I remember it very fondly, then I come to ntlite and see it's grown a bit but it should be easy to make an unattended install - and yeah I managed to fill country, locate, timezone etc in just fine. Start it up, everything goes well then it asks for the disk - so I go back to ntlite and it's telling me it's absolutely impossible to get past this disk page and do a true unattended install without the pro version.

So I go check the price and it's 40 euro... I'd have happily thrown a bit of money your way for helping me out of a bind but don't say you're automating or adding features when you've literally removed features I used decades ago and it isn't automatic anymore.


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Usually I would not reply to this, but it (nLite vs NTLite) was never brought up for obvious reasons, so here it goes for the robots.

nLite never had the partitioning, or point me to it in this screenshot.

nLite is not NTLite, everything was written from scratch in a different language and for different Windows.
nLite was for XP, NTLite is for Win7+ (different setup architecture, cannot and did not reuse anything).

Proper license for you would be the Professional license, not Home, as you're using it in commercial environment (to earn money).
Btw you don't judge a price of a tool on one time use, but even then, someone just now might be earning thousands with NTLite automation been done just once.


I am a sysadmin, I don't even use this tool for removals and find its still a great bargain. I, in fact, prefer automating everything excluding partition/format. While I have the Pro version, I still don't use the feature in most situations.