Can't Integrate Cumulative Update Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021


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Hi I integrated to New build of Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021
But I can't integrate update and this errors
Screenshot 2023-11-16 220337.png
Is there any solutions?
It occurs to upgrade build 19044.3570 -> 19044.3693
This worked for me.

1. Downloaded a clean copy of Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021.
2. Integrated KB5031356, to get 19044.3570
3. Integrated KB5032906 & KB5032189, to get 19044.3693


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I don't know, How did you success Dynamic Update for Windows Setup.....?
I tried it but it skipped with no reason
Are you installing DU to an isolated WIM, instead of a full ISO folder? DU is applied to the ISO's Setup files, so it must always be done with the ISO instead of a single install.wim.
I'm tasking 2015-2021 AIO integrate.
So can I export the iot enterprise 2021 wim as a single and then merge it after integrating the updates?
When making an AIO, it's possible to collect different Windows releases in the same WIM file.

Every image is saved as a separate instance, and each image can have a different CU applied. But the ISO folder surrounding the install.wim is shared. Therefore you can't have multiple versions of DU, since there is only one ISO folder.

You should skip installing DU for an AIO project. DU is entirely optional, all it does is force Setup to check and download new updates before it begins installing Windows. I have seen more problems from having DU around, compared to its benefits.
I'm tasking 2015-2021 AIO integrate.
So can I export the iot enterprise 2021 wim as a single and then merge it after integrating the updates?
The AIOs are rare and often custom made, I might be able to adapt the dynamic update integration if you upload it somewhere (before editing).
Make sure to add the preset as well just in case, worst case scenario to cover most updates that were expected to work.

I downloaded msu manually and I retried with msu file, it worked well.... The problem is I integrated updates via NTLite Latest Online packages.
In fact, it error occured when I integrated 1607 too

Edit: Not working
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I tried to integrate SSU and old build first, still error occurs
maybe I removed something components
If I remove a component, will there be problems with integration?
Screenshot 2023-11-18 091522.png
All Windows LCU's released after April 2021 have the current SSU inside the LCU package, and NTLIte will find it and apply it for you. There is no need to separately download and install SSU's.

All Windows releases, where the last CU was before April 2021, you will have to download and apply the last SSU to the image.