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A Place For My Stuff, a download page only so please keep any questions for the topics they belong to please, Thank you.
Users are free to upload/mirror my stuff to their own sites/forums and upload specific files here(if requested by someone) if they cant be found.
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Preset Pack File list
Windows 10 1809 - 10.0.17763.107 Rerelease - Untouched ISO. Can be used on LTSC.
Windows 10 1803 - 10.0.17134 Redstone 4 'April 2018 Update' - Untouched ISO.
Windows 10 1709 - 10.0.16299 Redstone 3 ‘Fall Creators Update’ - Untouched ISO.
Windows 10 1703 - 10.0.15063 Redstone 2 ‘Creators Update’ - Untouched ISO.
Windows 10 1607 - 10.0.14393 Redstone 1 ‘Anniversary Update’ - Untouched ISO.
Windows 8.1 Update 3 - Untouched ISO. Preset also included in 8.1 tweak pack.
Windows 7 SP1 - Updated with KB3125574.

There are no more presets planned. I will only add a preset for whatever i am using at that time.

W7-BASIC-CLEAN-V2.xml - a basic cleanup preset, ideal for a captured Windows 7 image. no Component removals, just a cleanup.


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Many of these tweaks are availible all over the world wide wait, some i create myself, especially Barebone Services and Scheduled Tasks - i write these from scratch, some will be either from or inspired by certain sources(using my own registry) so i prefer to say these are the teaks i use and users are free to share and upload wherever they like. :)

All tweaks are for a default install that has had no removals or liting so they are suitable for everyone. Most tweaks are reg files, some may have a bat/cmd duplicate. Some will be bat/cmd only, especially if some folder removals are included. If you prefer .bat files you can convert reg files with Sordums Reg Converter. Any Windows OS does an excessive amount of space hogging logging and backing up so i am always looking out for tweaks to cut that down as much as possible.

Barebone Scheduled Tasks and Services files. I write these myself from scratch(or modify an existing file) depending on which OS i am using then share the results.

Note about my bat/cmd files. All my bat/cmd files will have a .txt extension as this forum does not allow .bat/.cmd file extensions, remove the .txt file extension to make the file active.
Windows runs reg and bat/cmd files very fast so somethings dont apply properly(discussed here somewhere) therefore i add a timeout between each entry, most will be 1 second, some will be longer and some will have a reboot built in. This increases the time for the file to run but they apply properly everytime, they have been thoroughly tested. Remove the timeouts and somethings may not "set", dont moan if they dont, Hurry burry spoils the curry. A lot of system tweaks(except HKCU) will need to be run with Elevated Permissions so use Sordums Power Run and just drag the file to its UI.

are a quick-and-dirty solution that I keep to myself because they cross the (fine)line between tweaking and liting so i will never share them anywhere. The only kludges(of sorts) i do share are in my Barebone Scheduled Tasks files, they include deleting registry entries and tasks folders, they are not a component removal.

File list
Sysinternal-EULAS-Accept.cmd.txt <-- remove the .txt extension to make the file "live".


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Clanger In your W8.1-Tweak-Pack in the folder System-HKLM-HKCR in the files:


It should be dword:00000001 instead of dword:00000000


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COREY dont be silly, it doesnt annoy me at all, its obvious you were looking for an update on something as you are on the page at least once a day so i just had to ask.

the presets are there to give beginners a starting point and add removals to as they want.
i dont plan on making anymore presets or updating the existing ones.

there may be tweaks from time to time although any windows 10 tweaks are only for LTSC(1809) and they go directly to MT_ for his ltsc gaming thread. w7 and w8.1 tweaks will be only my download page though. any questions just ask in the forum.