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Clanger In your W8.1-Tweak-Pack in the folder System-HKLM-HKCR in the files:


It should be dword:00000001 instead of dword:00000000


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A Place For My Stuff, a download page only so please keep any questions for the topics they belong to please, Thank you.
Users are free to upload/mirror my stuff to their own sites/forums and upload specific files here(if requested by someone) if they cant be found.
I’m new to NTLite software I would like to know how to create my own lite edition iso for gaming and browsing but I don’t know where to start and what I can remove and what I can’t remove the trouble is for a beginner like myself I probably end up removing what I shouldn’t and end up messing up the computer I’ve tried creating my own iso all I ended up with was error messages I give up in the end I know you have to download the latest iso which is windows 10 Pro 20H2 but there’s a new build which is 21H1 which comes out soon I’ve watched so many videos about creating a lite edition iso but some of them are short videos and they don’t show you exactly what to remove.


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do not dig too deep, you might find surprises...
i dont do cryptic and i dont like cryptic.
what build of win 10? 1607 1703 1709 1803 1809?
all my presets are old, there are other preset projects here which may suit you better. follow the Interesting Stuff page link below to find them.


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sorry man, i was just joking.
both 1809... and 21H1: can you link me to any good preset for this one? Or would you recommend me to stay in 1809 and not to upgrade? I'm with a UHD 4K screen, and i think there are some improvements for this in 21H1.


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No preset for 21h1, just this recent one for 1809. you use which os suits you best.


  • v5 17763.2114 20220406.xml
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Clanger why page closed . this is a good topic page infact all your topics are good & very informational . pl continue to share your vast knowledge with all of us :oops:


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I am retiring, Closed means i am done with a topic, im not doing anymore work on it. Some others will be closed/locked/deleted.
I am keeping a number of threads open so users can keep posting if they need to, end of conversation.
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