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Hello everyone.

I'm currently working on a modified Windows ISO to use for my pc's at home. When I test my ISO everything works, except for one annoying thing:
This window prevents Windows Setup from continuing. I have to close this Window to proceed with the installation.

My questions are:
What could be the cause?
How do I get this Window to close automatically?

Thanks in advance.


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the Post-setup added installers or commands. Make sure none of them is asking for input.
All installers must have their silent parameters entered, feel free to post section of your preset to see which one would it be.


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Thanks, I figured it out. There was indeed a program asking for input. Still running into a few other things, I'll try to figure them out as well.

EDIT: These are the things on my to do list:
-Remove "Do more accross devices with activity history" during setup Removed using a registry setting
-Remove "Get help from your digital assistant" during setup
-Remove Chrome (Installed using Standalone Enterprise MSI) shortcut from the user's Desktop (tried Chrome master_preferences file, didn't work)(already succeeded in removing it from Public desktop using del command)
-Set Chrome as the Default browser (tried Chrome master_preferences file, didn't work)
-Remove Input Indicator from taskbar (tried a registry setting, didn't work)
-Change the height of the start menu to the lowest possible (already removed tiles using LayoutModification.xml)
-Change the time format to 24H

I'm currently trying to figure these things out. Any help would be appreciated.
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1. Can this image use a automated answer file? If so you can disable cortana prompts through the answer file.
2. Try the attached script (just change extension to cmd) to remove Chrome from the Desktop.
3. It appears that MS hasn't gotten around to making an easy way to set defaults without using the Settings app method.
4. Is the attached the registry setting you tried?
5. Try the fix.reg that I attached
6. Try the time command with the current time and see if that does it.



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I somehow corrupted my image or something. I'm getting the following error while testing and installing: "could not update the computer's boot configuration". Guess I'll start all over again...

Regarding your reply:

1. I'm using an AutoUnattend.xml file but haven't been able to find a setting to disable the "Get help from your digital assistant" screen
2. I'll try this and give an update ASAP
3. That sucks, but thanks for the answer
4. Yes, that's the one I tried and didn't work
5. Will try
6. As far as I'm aware that has nothing to do with the time format, only with the time itself


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Just wondering, it seems that some of the latest Windows updates are deleting the BCD data file.

Also can you upload your autounattend.xml so I can try to find the problem for Cortana removal?

In regards to the language bar registry, I am not seeing any other solution other than the Microsoft approved manual method of opening the taskbar settings and turning it off that way.

The time command is listed as requiring the 24hr format for input so I thought maybe it would change the display settings as well. If that will not work, then again I don't see any automated way of changing those settings.