Compatibility Settings for "Laptop" and "MS Edge"


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Some components that many desktop PC users don't need and likely want to remove - like "Batterie" - are locked by compatibility "Recommended".
"Batterie" for example is a feature specific to portable devices. Please add a "Laptop" compat. option and just make "Touch-Screen-Devices" a subset of that.
Same with "MS Edge Update" and "WebView". (to my knowledge Webview2 gets re-installed with Office365 and Visual Studio anyway; for everyone operating outside MS's ecosystem this is just resource heavy junk that should not be "recommended")
"Remote Desktop Services" is a recommended component ... why? Who aside from tech support scammers uses Remote Desktop?
Anyway, having to disable NTLite's otherwise very useful main compatibility preset just to get rid of this junk makes the creation of new presets in the GUI unnecessarily tedious.