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George King

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Hi nuhi,

I would like to see split protections of Component functionality into new category "Applications".
Component functionality group should be for system build in components as is.
Applications group should have moved Discord, Microsoft Office, Nvidia driver setup installer, Samsung Smart Switch, Spotify, Netflix.
This group also should work some kind of config files - Users can find what files are needed for running their favourite app and submit this config to some FTP repository and NTLite can show list of all Applications compatibility configs posted by users.
Your already implemented Applications compatibility shoud have been flagged as Internal, User Config with config author.

Some example for this config idea
AppName=Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Author=George King
Forum=Link to NTLite forum topic with submitted preset

- file paths same as preset with protected file

- for registry protected keys from removal

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nuhi As you are adding more custom comptibility options current view became messy - 3rd apps vs. system components. I hope you can split it into categories soon.
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