Compatibility with Offline-Optimizer?


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I'm gonna guess that the answer to this is "No." (Haven't tried it yet, so could answer the question myself I suppose.)

But since Clanger has been pushing me to make an image of my OS and work on it, I have been doing a bunch of research today. I tripped across Offline-Optimizer. (Mentioned here in the forum one time.)

While it appears that both O-O and NTLite do much of the same thing (although not live for the former), it appears that one advantage of O-O is that they have the de-bloating and de-servicing scripts already in place.

So, naturally, since two heads are better than one, I was wondering if it's possible to run a fresh iso thru O-O, just to de-bloate and de-service it, and then run that through NTLite for the usual stuff?

I suppose an option would be for nuhi to offer de-bloat and de-service (a la Black Viper) scripts. But 1) I don't expect that he wants to get into that business (with all the support calls) and 2) others here have already offered those. (It's just a matter of sorting through them all and trying to find the "best.")