Components Removals Wiki


I wonder if a Wiki type approach to documenting all the removals capabilities of NTLite would be easier to maintain. It would be easier to update and keep up with rather than digging through forum threads. There are a number of free wiki webapps out there that are pretty easy to implement and need little more than php/mariadb on the backend.

Could break down each individual component removal into its own section including sort of "what we know so far" for each component, what it breaks, etc.

Could go into tweaks and services in the same way. Those of us with more extensive experience with removals (example, not myself) could be made moderators to expedite updating.


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Thanks @ahazuarus, will consider it.
I was planning on making a wiki for functionality description and guides, but components fit into that nicely as well.

Will let you know when it gets implemented.