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Hello Guys,

i have an folder thats named install. I want to copy it after install to C:/install.

I Tryd it over command in post setup but i dont know how i place the path wheres to copy on c:/

Thanks for ur help


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i think i have the same request but not sure how to execute what your explaining, that link you provide is too technical to follow

example... i want my installation to add a folder to my desktop. i have the folder ready with some files.... where in NTLite would i say to take this specific folder and its files and place on desktop of this new Win7 installation?

where in NTLite do i place that request, what is syntax? thanks


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I haven't tried this, but a few ideas:

Copy your installation folder under sources\$OEM$\$1. Now create a short batch file like this suggestion to link a shortcut on your desktop. For simplicity, hard-code the path to C:\Users\YourName instead of %USERPROFILE%. Drop the batch file under post-setup.

For bonus points, create a regkey for RunOnce and use the same batch file and take advantage of %USERPROFILE% so it's generic to any user. If you want to try this, look around on instructions for "reg add" commands using RunOnce. When SetupComplete runs, it's not running as your username so %USERPROFILE% won't match your desktop's path.
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