Debian GNU/Linux ISO customizer?


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NTLite is a wonderful GUI based tool for customizing Windows, would there be anything similar in terms of customizing a Debian/Ubuntu installation media?


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Only if Windows drops in popularity, or does something that makes the configuration impossible.
In other words, it's not being planned for now, the motivation for continuous development depends on the OS used.


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I am not sure how doable it is since nobody has released such app in all these years but I guess it might be because you can install Ubuntu server for example and then manually install everything that you want but you will probably end up with a few apps anyway, when you install Gnome desktop I think Firefox and some other software gets installed too.


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With the ongoing circus that is windows 10 and zero sign that ms will remove its corporate head from its corporate bumhole and sort it out i doubt nuhi has the time.

As many have found getting linux to work is a nightmare at times anyway, try bug hunting lited linux builds, i pity the poor sod who has to do that.

The tool would have to be built on the longest running distro's, debian or suse and not one of the many(way too many) me too distro's.

What would nuhi call the tool? Using part of any distro's name may run into copyright issues. Apart from vLite nuhi's tools usually start with the letter N so what could it be called, nGuin(guin from penguin)? GuinLite?

As far as i am aware you cant update linux iso's like we can with windows, ive never seen a linux update package.

There are tools that can assemble a custom iso for you anyway.

How much work would it take for an operating system that isnt used by many and liting is an even smaller market, how many licenses would nuhi sell? Enough to make it a financially viable project? I doubt it. There are light distro's anyway, do we really need to create another lite version?
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