Debugging Unattended - Dell PowerEdge Video Driver Causes 20 Minute Delay on 1st Boot


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Happy Tuesday.

I'm customizing Dell's PowerEdge Win Server 2016 Image.

Upon unattended installation, after first boot, the image spends a significant duration of time at "Getting Devices Ready". 10 minutes+

Then another 10 minutes after second reboot , before proceeding to auto-logon.

Making the unattended mode rather moot >:} (Faster by hand)

Minimal disk I/O activity observed.

Network is physically disconnected; no change.

Before I go burning hundreds of hours guessing at what to revert:

Is there a log file I can study somewhere to determine where all of this time is being wasted?

Something in the OOBE?

Any troubleshooting advice?

Any suggestions on what may the cause?



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You can try to find in Windows\Logs\CBS or check all the log files in Windows\Logs and subfolders


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Kasual merci.
In backing out all of my driver updates, the problem disappears.
The good news is that, unlike Win 10 Ent LTSC v1809, there is very little to add/customize as far as drivers in Win Server 2016 (v1607)
So it shouldn't be too hard to make process of elimination, now that I can build a full image from scratch in =< 30 minutes.


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This turned out to be the Video driver used by the virtual VGA controller in the Dell 14th Generations and Dell 15th generation iLOM (iDRAC8 and iDRAC9).

The driver is by Matrox : mxg2wdo.inf, mxg2ws16.inf, MxG2wDO64.sys, Matrox G200eW (Nuvoton), version , G200eW and G200eW3 (The latest is from 2019)

There is also an older version for older PowerEdge from 2016, known as code name "Renesas" (G200eR).

Both drivers cause the same fallout.

Upon reflection, I suspet Dell probably knows about this issue, otherwise they would've included the driver for it in their own OEM WinSvr2016 ISOs.

George King

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Another log location is here, mostly here you can find related problem after first reboot


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I had similar problem in the past. it was caused by updates, when i tried in offline mode there were no delay at setup