Discussion and Poll, Which OS do you use.

What OS do you use?

  • Windows 7

    Votes: 5 29.4%
  • Windows 8.1

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Windows 10

    Votes: 9 52.9%

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Long time Windows 7 lover.
Still wouldn't use Windows 10 without NTLite but once 'cleaned up' Windows 10 is pretty solid IMHO and haven't had an itch to go back to 7 since finally converting at the start of 2018 after a LOOONG stretch of writing scripts and doing tests in VMs
I'm in the same boat... except I'm 8 months behind. (still testing cleaned up builds before making the switch)

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I'm a Windows 10 user.

Windows 8.1 is garbage, Windows 7 looks ugly and Windows 10 is filled with bloatware. NTLite made Windows 10 the better choice since I can remove the garbage. As someone who suffers from a little mild OCD, I hate the Start Menu on Windows 10. Tile colors/icons being all over the place makes it impossible to look a,. but that was easily solved using Classic Shell and a W10 styled W7 Start Menu.


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LIINdd! How can you say Win 8.1 is garbage? I agree that 8.1 was garbage when it was first released but after a year or 2 it was good enough. From my point of view, and with my needs, 8.1 is currently the best. I'm running 7 and 10 from time to time but so far I'm going back to 8.1 every time.


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I cannot install w7 on coffee lake i3 8300 and b360m hd3 without fuss. I have installed w8.1 pro without modification.
Windows 8.1 is like w10 without all the fuss. abbodi uses it and if its good enough for him its good enough for me.
I never use the start menu apart from shutdown and restart.
Windows 10 breaks very easily.
I can easily massage 8.1 down to w7 levels.
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Interesting. Except for the support of new hardware, any other reason to upgrade? I helped a guy with Win 8, then 8.1 update, years ago. I couldn't stand the interface and had to learn a bunch of "secret" commands (Windows-X?) to call up the Start Menu and other items that Microsoft thought I shouldn't know about.

And, as far as new software support, it's my understanding that Win8 does NOT support h.265 natively. (Whereas Win10 does.)

Also, considering the installed base of Win7, I figure there's a better chance of White Hats finding bugs in Win7 than Win8.

I won't be updating my hardware, so I don't need to update OS. And even if I did, I would put up with learning Linux before letting Micrsoft take over my computer with Win10. IIRC, Win8 also wanted to phone home during install and you had to know to chose "Local Account" during setup.


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I use Win 10 x64 Pro but I am getting very annoyed with it breaking my Intel Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V Device Manager [DM] tabs, such as Advanced, VLans, Teaming and Link Speed tabs missing since the April update. Intel engineers keep posting at their forum how they are working on the issue. I have 2 desktops PCs both with the same ethernet chipset on board, with the same version of Windows, the older desktop with a Z170 intel chipset has all tabs in place in the network DM, but the newer desktop with a Z370 chipset has been broken in the sense of the above DM mess up? go figure?!


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You only need to change to a new os if hardware requirement dictates, if i had stuck to my AMD Kaveri and 2 Godavaris then i wouldnt have to. AMD do not have a cpu that suits me and the whole CCX hopping and being very particular on ram requirements issues sticck firmly in my head. Connectivity on AM4 is poo, 4 sata ports with an nvme drive attached? I got 8 sata ports on my A88X board for crying out loud. On my intel board, andothers, i can have 1 nvme drive and still have 6 sata ports availible. 2 for ODD's 4 for hdd/ssd's.

I was just lucky with 8.1 working on Coffee Lake, its an acceptable compromise. People need to know there is a working alternative to windows 10.


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Windows 8 is bad
Windows 8.1 is great
I agree Win8 was bad - at least from a UI standpoint.

Clanger says you know your stuff, so I'll take it that Win8.1 is good. But can you be a little more specific? What makes it good for the average desk top user? Is it faster than Win7? (Always a plus.) I don't need any new features, so that's a "Don't Care" condition. (I run Home Premium here.) Stability hasn't been a problem with Win7, so I don't know how Win8.1 could be more stable. (As of now, it's Comodo 11 that forces me to reboot once a week. But they say they're working on fixing that.)

I suppose I'm thinking that Win8.1 is like Microsoft's orphaned Vista. Halfway between Win 3 and Win7 - and a forgotten problem child.

Curiously if I wanted to buy Win8.1, I don't know where I would buy it nowadays.


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I mean stable as its features do not change unlikke w10 with their 2 big updates a year adding stuff. Thats why w10 LTSB is so popular, you get bug and security fixes etc but it doesnt add new features all the time, thats why i like w7 and 8.1.


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Good news on abbodi86's Preset.

Yeah, Win10 is like a merry-go-round. It never stops.

When I searched the web for "why upgrade to win8.1" they were all talking about better integration with the Cloud.

To me, that sounds like the beginning of Win10 telemetry. Whereas I have Remote Desktop excised from Win7 thanks to NTLite. (I use Teamveiwer when I need to remote in to my desktop.)