Features disappear after in place upgrade from 2008 to 2012.


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I've created an ISO of windows 2012 R2 with the latest patches installed and when i use this to upgrade a windows 2008 the features disappear. However when i upgrade the OS with the OEM iso without any other modification the features are upgraded and working.

I'm not sure if this was already asked on the forum, but if so, please point me on the right post.



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Make sure not to overwrite the OS, but run .\setup.exe from the ISO's root (not the one from .\Sources\setup.exe).
Also have no Unattended settings (remove .\autounattend.xml) prior runing setup/upgrade.

Updated ISO and the original one do not differ in this regard, they have the same boot/setup files, those are outside of the edited .\sources\install.wim.


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Hello, thanks for the answer.

I've created a new ISO today, added the patches that i needed to add and disabled the unattended option, so i didn't find any autounattend.xml file on the source or even the ISO after was created. Also deleted other options like windows core and datacenter leaving only Standard.

Here what i have now.
2020-05-20 17_04_46-IBM Wintel Team - Desktop Viewer.png

I've tested this new ISO on a dummy 2008 vm that i have for this with some features that i have on the environment and should be migrated as the OEM iso does but with the last patches installed but with no luck. When the inplace upgrade finish the features and roles that the windows 2008 had are missing and not installed. Some features that i've tested were:

DHCP server
File and storage server
Print server

If anyone can guide me on this i will appreciate it.