Few questions related to Win Updates feature when a new update supercedes/obsoletes an old update ?


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If I use NTLite to download all updates for Windows into the Updates cache, and then a few months later a new update appears which obsoletes one of these previous updates, am I right in thinking that I just use the Updates Trim feature, which would remove any old obsolete updates and add the new update(s) to the list ?

If I have created a new image containing all the updates (along with possibly any other tweaks), and then wish to load this image and update with new updates (including ones that may obsolete older updates), can/will NTLite remove the obsolete updates for the loaded image and integrate the new updates, or do I always need to start using a fresh Windows ISO ?

Does NTLite take into account any tweaks/removed components when deciding which updates to download/integrate (eg. suppose component A has been removed and an update is only meant for component A, will NTLite still list/download this update?) ?


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Hmmm... I don't see an answer here. But I think XYZ's question is a good one. Leveraging off his question, I suggest that the Trim button also be added to the page about Downloading Updates so that it's obvious. The reason is, I had forgotten about Trimming old, obsolete KB's from NTLite's already downloaded list. So when I came back after 6 months to make another iso for Win8.1, I apparently had some old KB's in that I didn't want. (I say that because, a couple days after making my iso, I rediscovered the Trim button. When I clicked on it, it connected to NTLite and then offered to delete about four or five KB's. (I didn't use Enqueue to make my .iso, but simply pointed NTLite to the its Updates folder.)


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I haven't succeeded with that - instead i've maked 2 presets - one for basic removal, reg edit and other changes folloved by a sysprep to prepare my "clean" image. A second preset for integrating latest updates before install and third mount again and remove other stuff comming with my basic preset after updates as WU put back already removed components. I think it's coz MS starts to be sure everything meant for entreprise will work - as i notized most of the removed components comming back after next update is meant for entreprise market and not the custom retail customer.


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Integrating updates to an edited image isn't recommended only when components are removed.

An updated image can be updated, if you do an install as a test with a vanilla image, the listed updates are the first released, not the latest that superseded the previous updates.