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Dear everyone, I have played around on NTLite and NLite before, but I am quite new. Like a lot of people, I hate painstakingly updating a fresh install of any operating system. I wanted to create my own custom ISO which was as updated as possible. I've used programs such as Windows Updates Downloader to download a list of Windows Updates, but I noticed at least for Windows XP 64bit there were many missing from their server. I also noticed that the Unofficial version of Service Pack 4 is only available for Windows XP 32bit - unless I'm wrong.

So, what do I want? I wanted to create a Windows XP 64 bit ISO which had all the updates integrated, as well as great tweaks. I did not want to implement tweaks which I may later regret. The purpose for this copy of Windows XP would be retro gaming. I have an old operating system with dual boot. I know in some ways, this is pointless as many Windows XP games run perfectly fine on Windows 10. But it's more of a hobby thing too.

As I am a "noob" when it comes to this sort of thing, I do not have sources for important things. I have a ISO of Windows XP 64 bit, but I have not got any Service Packs and I have not implemented them. Also the Windows Activation is a pain. So I need a lot of guidance and support, from a member who would be kind enough to give me some of their time and patience, to help me.

As for removing stuff. I am not aware in this department. Obviously, if I am correct, the FAX stuff is not needed. Things which slow down the system and are not needed, would be great to remove. I worry also that removing certain features can mess up future updates which may come around. I understand also that Microsoft has/is reportingly stopping updates for the such outdated operating system, but at the same time it will not be used for general everyday use.

If anyone has decent url links to the service packs and important update files, that would be highly appreciated. Once I have the sources I need, I should be able to hopefully use NLite to implement the changes. I would also need the update files in .exe format if I am correct, as NLite does not accept .iso format for Service Packs and such.

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this forum only deals with NTLite for windows 7 and upwards. XP x64 had very poor driver support so good luck with getting it to run on any hardware. there will be places that still deal with XP, you'll be better off going to them.
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