Help with test iso in VM


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I'm puzzled with my Win 7 Ntlite iso. Installs without any problem using Rufus and AIO-Boot with gpt on my physical PC. Problem starts when trying iso in vmware, I mounted iso which installs ok both with uefi and legacy. After a reboot Windows decides to reboot again then goes to starting windows, pauses for several seconds, screen goes black pauses for another several seconds then throws Windows error recovery. Does anyone have any idea whats happening? original iso installs without any problem with either setup



There are a number of components and services on the Win7 iso that are required for VMware, including at least one 32-bit component. Are you sure you didn't delete them?

Also, for what it's worth, I haven't tried VMware before, but I am able to install Windows 7 in VirtualBox without any problems.