How can I build the perfect Windows image for KVM


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I want to strip down windows 10 22H2 ISO to the bare minimum, and only leave what will keep Office, adobe, RDP working. Since I am going to run it inside a KVM machine and I will access it using RDP on a Linux host.
How can I do this with NTLite?

Thank you in advance.
I would start with the Gaming template (ignore the name), and keep the Compatibility mode protections for Remote Desktop. You didn't mention if you're using Office 365, which requires Microsoft Account (Passport component).

Adobe installers appear to need Edge - Legacy component, which is the IE11 compatibility libraries.

Enable RDP under NTLite's Settings page, and add this netsh firewall command to Post-Setup:
netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group="remote desktop" new enable=yes

There's never a "perfect" Windows image, but you can make one which fits the apps you run.
in the gameros xml these are the lines that contain the keyword. But I am not exactly sure which ones to keep (remove from xml to stay on windows):
<c>rasauto 'Remote Access Auto Connection Manager'</c> <c>rascmd 'Remote Access Service Client Tools'</c> <c>rasmans 'Remote Access Connection Manager'</c> <c>rdmaping 'Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) ping tool'</c> <c>rdpclient32 'Remote Desktop Client - 32 bit'</c> <c>rdpserver 'Remote Desktop Server'</c> <c>rdpserverlic 'Remote Desktop Licensing'</c> <c>remoteaccessservice 'Routing and Remote Access Service'</c> <c>remoteaccesssupport 'Routing and Remote Access support'</c> <c>remoteactivex32 'Remote Desktop Services ActiveX Client - 32 bit'</c> <c>remoteassistance 'Remote Assistance'</c> <c>remotefx</c> <c>remoteportredirector 'Remote Desktop Services Port Redirector'</c> <c>remoteregistry 'Remote Registry'</c> <c>rpclocator 'Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator'</c> <c>winrm 'Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)'</c>
After loading the GamerOS preset on a clean image, and re-enabling RDP server -- the different lines are:
<c>rdpserver 'Remote Desktop Server'</c>
<c>rdpserverlic 'Remote Desktop Licensing'</c>
<c>remoteportredirector 'Remote Desktop Services Port Redirector'</c>

- RAS (Remote Access Service) is a VPN feature for remote offices, and unrelated to RDP.
- Remote Assistance is for tech support to get access to your desktop, like TeamViewer. It's related, but not the same feature.