How to make NTLite eat its leftovers?


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So, a recent fix is:
Components: ‘HyperV’ had leftovers if keeping ‘Defender’ or ‘Linux Subsystem’

Question: Suppose I had removed HyperV using an earlier version of NTLite, and had left Linux Subsystem in.

Is there an easy way to take advantage of the fixed version of NTLite, to have it go back and revisit the HyperV removal (even tho it's already been removed) to force NTLite to go through the removal process again in order to remove these leftovers?


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Hmm... the only way that I know to reinstall HyperV is to do a Host Refresh (or an upgrade). Not looking to do that if I don't have to.

As for Remove Reinstall - that's interesting. I will be surprised if Remove Reinstall removed more of HyperV if it's already been removed. BUT, I suppose that, after a CU, a newer Remove Reinstall might remove more leftovers.

It will be interesting to hear from nuhi how he does it.


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Did I say that I was getting too old for this?
Not too old it seems. I give you 10 out of 10 for sheer tenacity with all your recent/current woes. Seems you still have the old MacReady spirit. hehehe
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