How to remove the Live Tiles "Office Live" shortcuts in Win10 1903?


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Does anyone know in Windows 10 1903, how to stop the Office Live web shortcuts from being created in the Start Menu Live Tiles? Or a way to preemptively remove them?

Its a Tile that shows up in the Start Menu Live Tiles, that has the sub tiles: Outlook which goes to, Word which goes to, Excel which goes to, and Powerpoint which goes to If your using a offline account it then redirects you to

This seems to be new to Windows 10 1903, I've looked around and I have not seen a way to remove them? Or I'm missing something obvious?


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Mount the image and remove (or edit) the file:

I have edited the file and removed the lines with the links.


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NTLite can remove them if you disable sponsored apps, oem apps and other similar settings in settings page.

and u can clear startmenu by kasuals method here is clean xml file