How to remove the Live Tiles "Office Live" shortcuts in Win10 1909?


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Does anyone know in Windows 10 1903, how to stop the Office Live web shortcuts from being created in the Start Menu Live Tiles? Or a way to preemptively remove them?

Its a Tile that shows up in the Start Menu Live Tiles, that has the sub tiles: Outlook which goes to, Word which goes to, Excel which goes to, and Powerpoint which goes to If your using a offline account it then redirects you to

This seems to be new to Windows 10 1903, I've looked around and I have not seen a way to remove them? Or I'm missing something obvious?


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Mount the image and remove (or edit) the file:

I have edited the file and removed the lines with the links.


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NTLite can remove them if you disable sponsored apps, oem apps and other similar settings in settings page.

and u can clear startmenu by kasuals method here is clean xml file



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I'm now working on Windows 10 1909 Pro x64 Clean ISO, unfortunately these solutions do not work for my use case.
In NTLite ( Pre-installed apps is disabled, and Pre-installed OEM apps is disabled. But the Office 365 apps still appear on the Live Tiles.
The \Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\DefaultLayouts.xml path does not appear exist until after windows is installed.

If I've fully installed windows 10 I can definitely clean up the live tiles, via Powershell or many other ways. But I want to cleanup the Live Tiles in the pre-install environment, before the first login to the desktop. Without completely disabling the Live Tiles.

I've now progressed to just trying to clear all the Start Menu Live Tiles on OS install, before is hits the desktop for the first time. Been Tinkering with powershell, I get it to clear everything after OS install has logged into the desktop quite easily, But the powershell script will not take effect if I add the PS1 file to the post-setup in NTlite. I think its hitting a authentication wall that stops scripts from being run. but that's my best guess. But I'm very new to powershell scripts.

I can see that AppendOfficeSuiteChoice and AppendDownloadOfficeTile tag's were added in Windows 10, version 1803. They appear to be contained in the LayoutModification.xml file. Unfortunately I am at a loss as to how to edit these settings before windows logs in to the Desktop for the first time.

I'll attach the powershell script I put together. This script is copy and pasting from other peoples work, and not my own.
I'm hitting a wall here unfortunately. I'm pretty sure this is possible but I don't know the mechanics yet.



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Just checked now the install.wim and it is there.

You don't need code, only put the DefaultLayouts.xml clean file in the install source instead, here:

That will save you some bits.