I hope to add pre-processing tasks and additional tasks after completion.


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I often need to copy some to the NLWimTemp directory (such as some software installation packages and startup batch files) before the task starts. And after the task is completed I need to copy install.wim or install.esd to a directory and rename it.
I want to be able to add pre- and post-additional tasks to NTLite, allowing me to automate these tasks instead of manually clicking on a batch to copy files each time.

Thank you for making such a good software.


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Thanks for the suggestion.

Now that NTLite supports command-line execution, it would be simplest to use it as a step inside your script.
Meaning, make a script to do something like:

  • load image with ntlite /loadimage switch, more info in /?
  • kill process ntlite to make it ready for read and apply preset below, if this shows needed, I can add support to close after mounting
  • modify nlwimtemp
  • apply preset with ntlite switches
  • copy wim/esd
All of that should not require any interaction once executed.
Only tricky thing is the nlwimtemp location, make sure there was no other image mounted prior so it's a known location nlwimtemp01.

Adding UI options to do this is not a priority.
Do let me know how can I improve the scripting support, it's still new and may not be flexible enough.