Install.wim too large for FAT32


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Hello guys,

This is a big issue for all which having install.wim is more than 4gb.

I know every methods and work ground for Install. Wim more than 4gb.

What i want:
Im making UEFI+Legacy Boot disk with Secure Boot ON feature. I dont want to disable secure boot. And i want to use only 1 disk/USB for windows installation wich supports UEFI+Legacy without turning off secure boot.

My Tests and Problems :

1) i used rufus.
It having UEFI - NTFS.

it works on pure uefi machines if secure boot is disabled.

But i dont want to go to bios for every machine.
I want parmanent solution for this problem.
So this not helps. And i want to make only 1 disk for all type boot.

2) i created FAT32(ACTIVE) +NTFS partition of my disk. And saved all files without sources folder in NTFS partition. And created sources folder in FAT32. Copied boot.wim into that folder.
This works. But this wont work for PURE UEFI Laptops. They only supports FAT32 UEFI mode.

3) i used spilt method. Spilt install.wim to install.swm. This works but after using official windows 7 iso making in ntlite, windows 7 doesn't support spilted wim files. So spilt technique is worst.
Also this take more time to combine again in Winpe mode. Time is also imp part. So i dont like this method.

4) i created FAT32(Active) half +NTS half partition of my usb drive.

I paste legacy boot windows to NTFS

I used WINSETUPFROMUSB for another pendrive selecting UEFI GPT and created bootable 2nd pendrive. (This soft creates a pure uefi usb. It wont spilt install.wim this spilt iso into two parts. And works like VHD)
Then i copied this 2nd pendrive into my 1st multiboot usb in FAT32 partition.

This works with pure uefi +Legacy without secureboot ON.

But every time I have to do this manually for every iso.(this is taking my 1hr for every iso multiboot)

So i want to tell nuhi,

Please make a technique in NTLite to spilt iso directly and witch works on any machine without a problem without turning off secure boot.

Also i used E2boot wich having alive agfm. But this wont works in newer laptops having new bios. It blocked that usb boot.

I tried everything.
And winsetupfromusb method is best for all for this.

I also tried to convert wim to esd.
But it takes more time for decompress.
And tried windows recovery also to find install.wim on another partition of USB. This not works on 20% laptops newer than 2020

So, kindly update NTLITE for this technique without doing manually.
Winsetupfromusb is best but their app not updated from last 2 years.
Also it take my most time to make multiboot for every iso i created using NTlite.

I want easy one click solution.

Skyworld Computers,
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That's a very convoluted comment. It is more of a user problem. You see Ntlite will easily allow you to create a wim under 4GB; if not a wim then an esd. Now maybe you have a lot of extras, but then what should be done is those extras uploaded to a cloud and then a script fetching and installing those extras from cloud. Secondly you have to understand legagy is the exact opposite of secure boot, the two never meet up nor can they; this is not a matter of ntlite development but common sense.
thmtrxhsu : Thanks for reply.

You are saying there is lot of stuff in my install.wim

Bro, i used official iso files only from ms site.

Windows 7 last released official iso having size more than 5gb and install.wim is above 4.3gb

Using win10 official 21h1 iso. It need to convert to wim for edit.
Then install.wim size was above 4.4gb maybe.

So problem is fat32 have limit of 4gb file.
And i want to use them in pure uefi system without turning off secure boot.