Install Windows 11 on MBR


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First of all, many thanks and greetings for the support you gave us all those years since NLite and Windows XP, more than 20 years now ...

NTLite support W10 22H2 and W11 22H2, then does it support W10 22H2 with install.wim from W11 22H2 ?
This is the only way I know to install W11 on MBR.
Could NTLite add this option in the future, install W11 on MBR ?

Thanks for reading ...


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For the most part, W10 boot.wim can install W11 images.

NTLite isn't going to add this as a feature because you need to gather two different ISO's (W10 & W11), and combine files. This violates the Windows license agreement, so NTLite won't cross this line. But you can do it manually.

1. Download W10 & W11 ISO's.
2. Extract to separate folders.
3. Copy/move W11 sources\install.wim (or ESD) to W10's sources folder.
4. Delete W11 folder.
5. Process the W10 folder as normally. You have W11 install images inside the W10 ISO.