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Is there a way to install Windows Insider builds via NTLite.
Windows update gives me an error when trying to install there.


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NTLite releases every 1-3 weeks, depending on what new features or bug fixes are ready.

It doesn't track the Dev or Beta schedule, so not every build is recognized by NTLite. Unknown builds are limited to basic features like Settings, Unattended but no changes to Updates, Components or Features (those need to know the Windows version).

Most users download Insider builds, and install a clean system. It's usually faster this way, then trying to read the latest news on applying Insider updates to a current system.


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Is there a way to install Windows Insider builds via NTLite.
Only release and previews, not betas.

Load an image or C:\Windows and go to:
- Updates page
- Add - Latest Online Updates
- Select "Preview" Cumulative updates, not selected by default
- Apply - Process

If you get a failure, it can be Windows itself, or a removal without Servicing Stack compatibility turned on previously.
If however Servicing Stack compatibility was turned on, and Windows update fails, send me the preset for testing and update/fix in the meantime via Host Refresh.

If update works, and you removed components previously, dont' forget to run Source - Tools - Remove reinstalls after the post-update reboot.
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From preset your loaded image is 22H2 (22621.1) (not insider) - so is the question you want this image to be updated to latest insider build same or higher build as your install? That's not possible. Possible is as pic attached (22621.900).
From 1. post it's seems more like it's WU that dosen't work on your installed insider build.
As Garlin pointed out NTlite dosen't support latest insiders with updates (yet).
And if installed Windows build fail with shown WU code, it's up on the horse again and start all over with new install.
Even NTL can't help on this. Been there done that!
Your install is Windows 11 22H2 (moment 2) and it's easy to grab latest updated build from UUP as well as official build.


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Corrected my reply to make it clear, update list supports release and previews, not beta updates.

UUPDump is the way to download those, you can then use NTLite to integrate/install.