Is there any presets for Gaming on Windows 10?


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I am looking to a sort of a shortcut.

Is there anyone out there that have made a perfected preset, aimed at gamers.

So, for online gaming and offline gaming.
Aswell as streaming.

So for instance:

Xsplit Broadcaster/Gamecaster
Standalone games, such as Guild Wars 2, Runescape, Destiny 2, Two Point Hospital.. Etc

I have never used this program and seriously considering it, but want to see what is out there already, cause I wouldn't know what I am doing, so best to have advice before making a decision.

Thanks to anyone that reply.

Stay Safe and be considerate for others, during this tough time, the whole world is going through.


Most of those "gaming" presets strip down a Windows build, removing optional or non-essential components & services to squeeze performance or reduce disk footprint. They still need post-install optimizations like graphics driver tweaks, network setting changes, etc. to fit specific games.

NTLite focuses on standardizing Windows build and install process for people who intend to image machines more than once. If you're not inclined to do that, you can just borrow the tweaks discussed on the gaming threads and apply them manually. This site isn't really a library of presets, more like a support group for imaging enthusiasts. But I'm sure you can reach out to folks who actively post their results.

Users like testing their presets on a VM, because not everyone has a spare box.


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Thank you for your reply.

Was wondering, what VM to use, is there free ones, I have used a VM for Linux before but, it has been many years ago.. To try Arch.

Did very badly, trying to get that to work.

I am interested in fiddling with the ISO especially the part where you can inject drivers into the ISO, and stop the annoying store from auto installing games and other junk.

I want access to the store but, the ugly bits taken out, or at least disabled.

My current windows 10 install, has a issue where the Transparency does not change on toggle, but works if I use DDU to uninstall a graphics driver in safe mode, then when I restart and install a fresh new gpu driver, it works.. Till I reset it.

I find that odd.

When I get a new Windows update that is a big one, like creators update and such, I tend to clean install windows on a flash drive.

Just wouldn't mind, cutting the down time, cause the drivers and the c++ redistributes, are a pain in the neck. Not sure if it is worth installing 2005 to 2019 both x86 and x64 versions of the same year..

Because when you install steam games, if you don't have them on your pc, it just reinstalls them so you have a stack of 2005 entries, about 8 of them.

Not sure if you can make ntlite do all of this.

I have a Rampage V Extreme /U3.0 motherboard. That is using a i7 5960X, with a M.2 960 EVO, and 860 EVO. GTX1080.

I should just install the ntlite, and try it?
Just scared incase I total my pc.