ISO dimension after install update


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After install the latest update for win10 1607, (kb 4485447,kb 4487026,kb 4487038) i'have noticed that the size of ISO after updates integration is about 4,80GB.(The original is 3,70GB)
I'm sure that i select " full remove updates backup" in a dialog window and removed the not essential edition.
In the previous version of NTLite the ISO size after integration remained about the same. I have install the latest version of NTLIte, 64bit.
Anyone can tell me if i have forgot anything?


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4.8 sounds about right. ASwell as Clean Update Backup you want Clean Cache and Temp files and Winsxs Backup in Components.

You can remove unnedded editions from the install wim. If you dont use PE then remove PE(ONLY) from the boot wim, you MUST keep MIcrosoft Windows Setup.


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Thanks for your reply Clanger, i try now with a new image and apply yours suggestions.
Later I'll write here how it went.


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Ok Clanger, i've finish the process and as you can see the image is about 3900Mb..


In previous image that i have create with the same preset i obtain a image with about 2400Mb.....i can't explain why there is a difference of about 1500Mb!


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According to Nero 8 a single side dvd disc has 4.3gb usable once its formatted and your iso now fits that perfectly. :)


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Thanks for your reply e_web , this is the footprint after removing about 40.000 files with NTLite:


As you can see the footprint is 10,3GB, while the previous was about 5GB, using the same preset.
I think that the question is around the backup updates remotion.
I try another time and I report precisely the amount of files removed with the cleaning of the update backup.


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ok this is what happens when i integrate the updates and choose full backup remotion:


only 50mb was removed and this is the motif because the image is too big after updates integration.
There is a resolution?


FYI, SSU KB4132216 is required prerequisite for any later SSU and CU (i.e. KB4485447 and KB4487006)

not sure if this related to your problen, but just a heads up


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thanks abbodi86, I tried to redo the procedure with the addition of SSU KB4132216 but as you can see almost nothing has been removed from the image.


If anyone has any other suggestion I'm available to try it, the invitation is also addressed to the creator of the software of course ... Nuhi if you beat us a shot .... :)
Thanks in advance Carlo


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The size difference compared to earlier versions might be related to the Windows Update / Servicing Stack protections.
If you don't need Windows Update support on it, then remove WU and disable Servicing Stack compatibility for max removals.
You can then update via the Host Refresh method.
Let me know if that returns your previous size.

Btw start fresh from a new ISO.



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Thanks to the Nuhi suggestion, with the settings applied the ISO image has become about 3.5 Gb and now I can proceed with the reduction of the components. Below I attach the image that displays the amount of data removed for each item.