Issues with .net framework 3.5 integration

When I try to integrate Netfx 3.5 (drag it from the sxs folder from the og iso) I get errors...
Now I've done plenty of iso's and never had a problem with this.
But I wanted to make an stripped 20h2 (2009) iso and it just bugs out.
I'm using the official iso from microsoft, running 2009 non stripped and like I've said I've done this multiple times and I know how to integrate it,
but I just get these errors. (the 3.5 files are from the iso ofc, it's not like I used files from 1709, just to clarify)
So any help would be appreciated
(screenshots below)Error 1.pngError 2.png
Checking the box doesn't give an error, the files are there...
When I don't integrate it (don't check the box) it goes through just fine and I know I could install it after install, but that's not a solution tho :/
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the iso file should already have the suitable netfx3.5files. not every netfx3.5 files will suit every edition. if your iso doesn't have correct files in sxs folder. then just get a vanilla untouched iso.

maybe from microsoft or maybe from uupdump
I have the og latest 20H2 iso from microsoft tho...
And you need to drag the cab files into the FOD folder like tharri said.
But I do it right, it just buggs out, I don't know...


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no you don't need to drag any file to enable netfx3.5... there is an option under add updates part to enable netfx3.5 it will be avaible if necessary files are found by ntlite otherwise it will be grayed out.

so enable netfx via ntlite button. not by adding extra updates to some folders. you don't need to.
Yeah I know,
however this only works on 1709 or 1803 and under I believe...
Since 1809 you have to do it through the "features on demand" menu
If you do it through updates it just gives an error right away