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I have a question about the license agreement regarding the home version. Is it allowed to share isos created with NTLite with friends?


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My own "unofficial" point of view - I think that most home license users have at some time created an iso for the wifes and the kids machines, aging parents and grand parents and for one or two close buddies. Most of those will have been updated, drivers added with a few tweaks maybe a few removals. To me that lot is "sort of" ok. Distributing custom iso's like candy at halloween or uploading them is a no no is really taking the piss and anyone doing so should be hung up by their buster browns, hung drawn quarterd, boiled in buring oil etc.
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with free version of ntlite i think its ok to create and share iso. if you are doing this for FREE and link the tool's name and website!

but with paid licensed ntlite you shouldn't home brew iso's and share them for free or money.


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Sharing an ISO is a question of Windows license and what Microsoft wants, not tied to NTLite use.
In other words as far as I know you are not allowed to share the (modified) ISO, just internally use it.
The word share is used to describe sharing it online for all to download, that is a big no no.
You must not upload your own links of anything Microsoft, maybe only "Redistributable" binaries, which are clearly defined as such.

Personally if you make an universal ISO, with no product key, and your friends would like to benefit from it having stuff pre-configured and updated, it's up to you and them as no one would know and no harm is done if the ISO is not using any kind of activation bypassing.
But that whole ISO thing is a gray area, I think only OEMs are allowed to change the ISOs when made for someone else.