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In addition to NTLite i used to use my own PowerShell scripts with DISM that listed all packages and made it possible to remove them (changes in the registry of the WIM with the SYSTEM user). Since i am a bit of a control freak i always wanted to see which packages NTLite removes or way better: tell NTLite which packages it should remove.
Maybe a export function for the names of the packages or a function that changes the registry of the image would be great. This i could work with DISM to alter the image and also use NTLite. This is not a comfort function but something for the hardcore users like me who want a little bit more information and control over what's going on.
My idea is not fully grown but as soon as i have some clearer suggestions i will write it here but i think you get the idea. What do you think?


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Hi Velocet,

yeah I understand, this could fit in nicely with the upcoming package page (after the update downloader first).
On that package list, we could add a tied component in the individual package description, same like services are now.
Just one caviat, the component is rarely ever just a package, since packages are quite crudely made, so don't know how much that info will be useful.
Ping me again after you see that page in a few months, thanks.