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nuhi I think it would be a great thing to have a wiki for NTLite. It should show the official (your) information on the components and allow people to post comments. Much like a fandom wiki page.

I think these comments will be so valuable. A forum is not a great medium to preserve information. Not everyone in NTLite community is a power user. If we can read what others experienced when removing said components we can make better choices and educate ourselves on the operating system.


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Hi netefu,

it is true that Wiki would be nice, in general.
Do you have examples what kind of information is buried in the forums that should be more visible?

That said, let me specify my current view on this, without knowing much of what you're aiming at:

For component removal side-effects and dependencies, I prefer the Compatibility options, that way no one needs to read outside of the tool and it's a click away to protect the known common functionalities.
Diverting information to a wiki would become like a todo list for either descriptions or Compatibility options. For that we can also have a post in the forum "Add compatibility option X" - either a person found out what was needed or needs help figuring it out. Happened a few times, it was not ignored.



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Hey nuhi thanks for your attention.

I think this wiki should provide more information (or links to relevant information) to what components are, in layman terms. NTLite's info panel is too limited for any length of meaningful information. By layman terms I mean someone with only moderate experience should understand what's really removed. Official Microsoft pages are not good at that and they're definitely not designed towards educating anyone who's gonna remove them. This wiki won't be about "DON'T BREAK YOUR MEDIA" warnings, we know compatibility options already do that. Wiki will just help us understand what components are.

Simple information like this can be really helpful:

"Containers are used for such and such and such. They also provide optional features named x and y. Users reported the security feature x is not needed unless you have bluetooth devices. " etc.

Comments in which anyone can share their experience/thoughts will carry valuable information too.

The wiki can be moderated by you and volunteers. I'm sure it's no hassle for you to call some of your geek friends to do the job!