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Hello, can you prepare aleyküm setucomplete.cmd for the ntlite program chrome winrar zoom for adobe pdf office 2010 x64 how to add an update to the windows iso to automatically install it after the format.


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you can easily integrate updates in NTLite Updates page, see Integrate section in documentation.

For automated applications deployment, we have subforum with same name. You can add installers in NTLite Post-Setup page, see Automate section in documentation

I already posted some topics with mentioned software, you can see example how install them silently. WinRar, Chrome, Adobe reader.
If you don't know how to silent install some app, request it in this topic, so users with knowledge should post it for others.

When you became advanced user, you can use my tutorial too as it include applications installing with tweaking and including Office. But it's not for beginers.
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